Radwan Chowdhury, born in Chittagong, Bangladesh on January 6th is a Bangladeshi-American, currently residing in Florida. He is a philanthropist, author, organizer, Activist and a bona-fide visionary. He is the Founder & CEO of "UDiON Foundation", organization that is "Dedicated to Educate" he believes "Education is the best way to end the cycle of poverty and the exploitation of children" he strongly believes "Illiteracy is the birth place of poverty". As a promoter of his beliefs, he is often found to be a commentator on issues such as child trafficking, child education, children's rights, global politics, and trade.

Mr. Chowdhury claims UDiON to be a message of hope. UDiON's mission is to find a place in our society for orphans and under-privileged children. This work is a fundamental rethink on the economic relationship between the rich and the poor and their rights and obligations. It is this struggle and the unique and the extra-ordinary methods that Mr. Chowdhury invented to combat human despair with humility and conviction. It is also the view of a man familiar with both Eastern and Western cultures. It is an appeal for action: we must concentrate on promoting the will to survive and the courage to build the first and most essential element of human rights.

Although he has been blessed to have distinguished academic careers, his most challenging and fulfilling mission to date is the total eradication of poverty from the world and educating and leading Asian Americans (AsAm) in exercising their right and bring about the democratic changes they wish to see. He is dedicated to the unfinished work of equal opportunity and justice for all. The deprivation of equal opportunity and rights to any ethnic or minority group saps this great nation of ours with maximum potential.

Mr. Chowdhury is energetic and spontaneous with the hope of touching lives of those he meets and humor those he does not. Fortunately or unfortunately, he loves people; he is the kind of person who loves to lead and can bring people together. He has a good sense of humor, respect, sensitivity, loyalty, nonjudgmental, and free spirited individual with a positive outlook in life. He is a well-rounded individual, who enjoys every avenue of life with every moment. His family and friends describe him to be a loving, caring, and outgoing person. Credibility and personal stability is important to him. While the value of education was instilled in him at a young age, he also believes that culture is very important. Mr. Chowdhury never forgets his heritage as it is where his main root lies. He is a very hard-worker and is fiercely competitive. He is also a multi-lingual in English, Bangla, Hindi, and Urdu fluently with knowledge of Punjabi, Guzrati, Tamil, Greek and Chinese.


Mr. Chowdhury identifies himself as a 'centrist' even though his political ties can be intertwined with being liberal, conservative, and/or moderate. He does not want to be devoted to any one type of ideology as he believes that, "It's part of every ones responsibility…which is not to pick sides but to explain what we think is happening on the ground. I can't say, 'This is my team, and I am going to root for them no matter what they do.'"

We may never be able to agree on some things, but let us all agree to some terms such as hatred towards Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, and others. Let's agree not to use inflammatory language. Let's agree to call out and condemn those who incite riots even if it is an imam who orders the death of a cartoonist or the preacher who wants to burn the Quran.

Radwan Chowdhury argued that Islamic extremism had its roots in the stagnation and dysfunctions of the Arab world. Decades of failure under tyrannical regimes, claiming to be Western-style secular modernizers, had produced an opposition that was religious, violent, and increasingly globalized. Since the mosque was a place where people could gather and Islam an institution that was outside the reach of censorship, they both provided a context for the growth of political opposition. Mr. Chowdhury has argued for an inter-generational effort to create more open and dynamic societies within the Arab countries, and thereby helping Islam enter the modern world. He often writes about his belief on functioning democracy being a new model for Arab politics. Mr. Chowdhury has also criticized 'fear-based' policies employed not only in combating terrorism, but also in framing immigration laws and pursuing trade, and argued for an open and confident United States.

Child labor deprives children from childhood and their dignity, which hampers their access to education. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is prevalent in many countries around the world. Millions of children around the world suffer from poverty, violence, and diseases. Many people lack the knowledge. My heart bleeds watching these kids having to deal with this cruel world in such a cruel way at such an early age. In this 21st Century, we finally have the technology, wealth, knowledge, and skill to end global poverty. Yet still 3 billion people do not have food and are incapable of changing their circumstances. We can, collectively and individually, participate in making that change happen.

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